Our Story

Our Promise
The goal of ours at BMS Books is to show that adding a little personality to bookkeeping makes everyone happier and more successful. We get it, you’re never going to love bookkeeping. Fortunately, we do! We do that behind the scenes so you don’t have to. We can then use the numbers to grow your business by working together. We help you think about:
How It All Started
Erica Benedict Founder BMS BooksMy name is Erica Benedict. I started BMS Books in 2016 after leaving over a decade-long career in sales consulting. I sold software and business processing outsourcing services that helped small and medium-sized companies streamline their back office workflows. Being skilled at what I did and loving working with people was fantastic. However, it was not my passion. Having an obsession with numbers and puzzles, I chose to get my BBA in Finance. After graduating, I enrolled in a post-graduate professional program part-time. The CPA career path is pretty straightforward, you get your certification and then work ridiculous hours at a big firm to move up the ladder. What sales personality could handle being behind a desk every day just looking at financials?! I love bookkeeping, but having a life outside of work matters. As part of my job, I worked with my clients’ CPA firms and two things became apparent very quickly. Accountants have a really hard time speaking outside of their own language and rarely do business owners like their CPA. Whether it was cost or personality, most felt like the relationship brought little value to their business. They needed someone who could help with the day-to-day but couldn’t seem to find it. One day it finally clicked. I love this stuff, have the education for it, and work really well with these small business owners. Bookkeeping was perfect for me. I could work with both people and numbers! So at the end of 2016, I decided to make it happen. Now I have a career doing something I really love to do work with other small business owners who really love what they do. Every day, I am more and more thankful for it. Despite nerding out on bookkeeping all day (seriously), my goal is work to live and not the other way around. A native Houstonian, I now live in Austin, Texas. When I put away the calculator, I am either traveling somewhere new in the world or out enjoying what every Austinite does: live music and nature. Once a year I try to check off a new country on my bucket list and have been successful thus far! I love to hike, and my mom and I recently accomplished a 50-mile hike through the Andes mountains in Peru.