About the Founder

Erica Benedict

Managing Principal Consultant

I started BMS Financial after I decided to leave over a decade-long career in accounting software sales consulting. As part of my job, I worked with my clients’ CPA firms. It became apparent very quickly that most small business owners have a frustrating relationship with their accountants. The relationship had no flow, causing miscommunication on almost everything. The business owners rarely understood what they were paying for and felt the costs were a strain on their business. 

For the most part, accountants speak one language  – accounting. Most chose this line of work because they have little interest in dealing with the other ascpects of business. So they don’t know how to translate accounting and financial reporting to business owners, which is a very important part in making that financial data useful for making good decisions about their business. This miscommunication will likely exist forever. I love my accountant friends, but most of them just lack that skillset. Fortunately there are a few hybrid, like myself, who help to bridge that gap. I knew instantly that this was the path I wanted to take in my career. It allowed for me to work with my people/communication skills and still be a numbers nerd. 

So I mapped out a plan to quit my sales career, traveled around the world for 4 months before settling back home in Austin, Texas to start BMS Financial in 2017.  Now I have a career helping small business owners and artists continue doing what they love by doing the work that I love, allowing them to stay focused on their passions while we work together to build a successful business. 

I believe the only way we can do great work is to love the work that we do. I also believe that we work so we can live not the other way around. I often check in with myself on these two things and continuously find I am living by both and it’s changed my life for the better. I am more and more thankful every day for it. 

I am truly passionate about what I do, so it rarely feels like work. My other hobbies includes great music, hiking, yoga, traveling, playing piano and gardening. I’m basically a hippie, free spirited, music loving accountant. As funny as that still is to me, it’s true.  

Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you’re interested in working together, reach out! 

With peace, love and gratitude,


BBA in Finance                           
Bauer College of Business
University of Houston, 2012 

Advanced Accounting, 21 hours


Founder, 2017
Paychex | 2015-2016
ADP | Mid-Market 2013-15
AT&T | Corporate 2003-12


Quickbooks Advanced Proadvisor
Xero Certified Advisor
Licensed Tax Preparer
Certificate in Entrepreneurship


Scheib Mental Health, Treasurer
Big Sister, 2019
Sustainable Gardening
Leave No Trace